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Thank You Lord…Excellent Birthday Today!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
After my Sweet Husband Denny went to Starbuck”s and picked up Coffee for me just how I love it… Venti Cafe Latte, half caf, Non-Fat, 140 degrees (they don’t call me high maintenance for nothing :-)  We headed off to Loehman’s where I got an extra 15% off on my Birthday… I stuck to the yellow tagged stuff that was already an extra 75% off.  I got a skirt originally $280.00 for $8.28…kinda fun.  Then to Red Robin for my FREE Birthday Lunch, then Cold Stones for my favorite Chocolate, with Banana and Walnuts for FREE.  We set aside the afternoon to see Avatar…I am still creeped out by the coffin like sleeping arrangements. And how many agendas did that movie have?  Too many for us.   Many other fun and funky filled moments…too many to mention.  Thank you for all the great messages from my precious friends and family…love you true!  I have now officially lived half my life… I can dream can’t I :-)
P.S. Anybody see Jason Castro on the Bachelor Wedding tonight…what a doll!  Way to go J :-) Check out his excellent new album on iTunes.

Submit to One Another-Best Wedding Entrance Ever!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009


Not sure if you caught this on the Today Show, but (click the link below) here is an example of pure joy.  I laugh and, I am not sure why, but cry all at the same time.  What a beautiful example of submission in marriage.  Even the Wedding Party being willing to submit to one another (Eph. 5:21) and the Brides wishes.  Such a happy view of people being unified and working in one accord.  See what they accomplished :-)
Don’t miss the Grooms entrance, it is fantastic!!!
The whole Wedding Party reenacted it live on the Today Show this morning (7-25-09) maybe it will be posted on youtube some time later if you missed it, what a crack up!
Click here to watch the best Wedding Party entrance in history.  On Earth as it is in Heaven… this was kind of a taste of Heaven for me.