So I told you at the top that Football is one of my great loves. I taught and worked with Cheerleaders which was blast, but a definite perk for me was to be on the field during football games.  So after being in a Fantasy Football league for three years I begged and pleaded with my friend, NFL Football Player Jerry Wilkinson to allow me to be the first girl in his all male FF League.  My wish came true.  I think they thought I would not know what I was doing.  Well… bottom line is I kicked all their butts and won the league trophy and cash pot… niiiiiice.  My league name was Girls Rule… moniker  GR for GRrrrr…. I am plotting a KA handout with the hundred dollar bills…. what’s God gonna do with that money? Fun times.






One Response to “GirlsRule”

  1. Anne & George Willis Says:

    woo hoo…Congrats ….I hope you got some of my e-mails about George’s honor from the visual arts museum and the Ansel Adams family and Art Wolf from PBS wildlife…We know the cool yet humble feeling of being honored May to Our Lord be the Glory… xxoo