American Idol Predictions

I love predicting outcomes and this is something American Idol gives me the opportunity to do every week.  There are three websites that I always look at for fun that have been extremely accurate especially “The Zaba”as I like to call it:

Check it out -American Idol Voting Results – Season 7

When it gets to the final 12 they have been spot on in past years.  Last year before we left for the Finale… we checked “The Zaba” and they had posted it exactly the way it is today, check it out.  We knew that David Cook had won hours before the Finale.  Don’t ask me how they know, but they seem to know.    

While Syesha’s parents were living with us last year… I would quietly check “The Zaba” every Wednesday morning.  Zelda Mercado, Syesha’s mom would fast, pray and sing worship songs all day long on Tuesday.  It was amazing… Syesha was in the bottom 2 every week, but the prayers of her Mama were a powerful and mighty tool.  It was a little weird when the Wednesday I checked “The Zaba” and Syesha’s picture had become black and white and the words “Voted Off” were across her picture, it was surreal, knowing “The Zaba” is never wrong and that she was probably going home.  Again they were right.  It helped me know how to pray that day!  Sitting next to Jason’s family the day “The Zaba” said he would be voted off, helped prepare all of us.

Will “The Zaba” ever be wrong… yet to see.

The second site is AOL, this is a little less accurate and you get to move people around like an American Idol game or Jigsaw Puzzle, but they give you the opportunity to pick and have an opinion in the comfort of your own home.  During this season they are letting you submit who you think will be in the top 3 each week.  Last week I put Danny, Alexis and Enoop and that is how most of America had voted, I felt good about myself, but it was wrong, but probably will prove to put Enoop in the Wild Card mix.  I do like the guy who made it in.  He seems like a great guy with a cute little family and I like his voice.  So this week I put Adam, Allison and Nick (gotta hear that guy again…such a crack up) and he is on Vote For The Worst…America has picked Adam, Allison and Megan.  So even though AOL is not as accurate and you can vote as many times as you like they still seem to get it right most of the time and it’s fun to play.  So play at:  American Idol Poll – AOL Television

The third site is Vote for the Worst  This has become quite a phenomena of bad taste, but does have a huge following and has seemed to have made a difference in the past. Remember Sanjaya he was on it for weeks, even Taylor Hicks was their pick all the way to the end.  It’s kind of become a badge of honor actually.  

My closest and longest friend Leslie Doud lives in Arizona and gets the New York feed and I love her for that.  So the days I have not been at the show she calls me with results so I know three hours before we get it here in CA.  I have found “others” do not want to know and get very irritated if I even give a hint.  I’m finding, this is my joy and that very few others like to know ahead of time.  So if your like me and want to know or play the game I have given you the tools.  Have fun!

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