Happy Birthday Jamar Rogers!

First AI Assignment has arrived via a beautiful phone call from Jamar Rogers Mom Danielle Rogers.  She is an amazing Godly woman who raised an amazing Godly son.  Her wish was for Jamar, who is now living in Los Angeles, to come home to Wisconsin for his 27th Birthday.  Done deal!  His church family and friends have not seen him since his disappointment of not making the final 36 and they are so excited to see him and give him a big hug!  Many B-Day Parties are planned around town, so get ready Jamar for a fantastic greeting.  What a joy and privilege it is to be a part of of seeing a huge family reunion come together.  

Jamar will be back in town next week, working on a music release with Frankie, another top 50 contestant.  Next weekend Denny and I are going to go speed church hopping with him in hopes of finding a church family here in CA where he can be supported and feel right at home.  Have a safe trip Jamar…God bless you and your family!

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