Day After My Birthday…

I always look forward to Tuesdays when I get to watch my Grandson Evan.  This time gives Emily and her Mommy Natalie a chance to get away just the two of them.  I do get some time with Emily… reading Daniel to her before her nap.  She is such an Angel Baby, she almost puts herself down for her nap.  Natalie and Eric are fantastic parents.  Even though Emily is not even 2 yet she reads to me.

Evan is so sweet and affectionate.  He is laughing and talking at 6 weeks.  He loves to communicate. Check out the pics.

Spent the evening at Ray and Virginia Dixon’s to watch American Idol.  We all agreed there seems to be no Danny, no Katharine, no David’s, no Daughtry…but the contestants all seem like wonderful people.  It’s still very entertaining and we all get an opinion :-)  Denny and I got invited to Hollywood week auditions.  Very fun and fascinating.   Feeling it was a mistake in letting go Charity Vance, Tasha Layton and Colin Benward this season.  But God doesn’t do oops.. and it’s okay cause they will be at this years WELL DONE Awards… don’t miss it.  Sunday June 6th back at Coast Hills Church this year :-)   check out her new site and songs.  What a talent!


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