Early Viewing…This Is It…the Michael Jackson Movie!


It’s late and I am too tired to write a proper review of the MJ Movie that Lysa, Amy and myself went to see tonight.  The theater in Foothill Ranch was not exactly a sell out, maybe 30 percent filled.   We sat between a woman that coughed every uummm… 45 seconds, not exaggerating.   And a family that took their 5 kids, ages 5,4,3,2,1 to a 9 pm movie, but I digress.   Ignoring the outside irritation I give it a C+.  I love production, choreography, behind the scenes stuff and getting to see that aspect up close and personal was cool.  They showed a snippet of the audition process for the dancers.  Having been a dancer I really enjoyed that part… but it was just a snippet… would of loved more of that.  Seeing Michael relaxed was fascinating.  Glad I went and some of the dance sequences were wonderful.  It would of been a fantastic show.  Warning!!! and I was afraid of this.  There is an icky crouch grabbing scene at the end that I really could of done without and the “inspirational” moment following it was weird.  A little too much MJ worship for me.  I have to wonder if Michael really would of been very happy that this was made into a movie… not so sure about that.


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