WELL DONE Awards Luncheon

Putting together the details of  the WELL DONE Awards takes a village.  Production, Marketing, taking care of the Talent and the Recipients, Red Carpet, Green Room, Meet and Greet, T-Shirts, Media, Our KA DNA Church Pastors coming from all over the world… lot’s to do.  These pics are from one of the many luncheons, where Chef Denny has served up amazing meals and exquisite desserts, that we are having to bring unity to our volunteer teams… you go girls!  



This group could change the world!



New KA Staff Member Lysa King serving up Chef Denny’s Gourmet Dessert.  Hand made Chocolate Sorbet, over a heart shaped brownie, drizzled in fresh Raspberry Sauce… Denny is the best husband! 

Goody bags for all that attended!


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  1. mark Says:

    I rarely comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great Blog!!