Game Ball, Swirls, Bath Time… ahh… Family

My favorite thing is to be with my fantastic family… every chance I can steal a kiss from any of them it makes my day…fam-at-squirrels

A stop at Swirls Yogurt or as the Grandkids call it Squirrels… after a great day of watching Caeden play on his Baseball team… 

game-ballGame Ball… After playing an amazing game… I turned to Brooke and said “there is no way they are going to give him Game Ball two weeks in a row”…. but sure enough Caeden was honored with the Game Ball two weeks in a row… 3rd this playing Season… Caeden you’re blessed and humble… your Bobo and Papa love you!

camy-headstandAnd not to be out done Camy does an excellent and consistent headstand… seriously Camy your getting so brave… we are so proud of you.  We now call her Cirque Du Soliel.

bath2Sweet Baby Girl Emily enjoys the wonder of water… Growing up is so fun :-) bathLove this face… so happy… so joyful… so perfect.  Almost walking any day!

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