Birthday Dinner at EL CORTEZ in Laguna Niguel… a family favorite!

Son-In-Law Eric turned 30 yesterday 2-22-09… no say it isn’t so.  I will never forget that glorious day, 15 years ago, when he walked into our house.  Eric has been such a blessing to our family since that day.  He is the most amazing Husband to our Natalie and Father to Emily… more grandkids please!



Lunch at Chipotle with my girls…. Brookie, Talie, Little Em and Camy… Camy and Emily have matching dimples on the right side of their faces.  Such a bonding cousin thing!


Picking Caeden up at School… Camy is so proud of her big brother… hugs all around!


2 Responses to “Family”

  1. Anne & George Willis Says:

    They are so presious and beautiful and I’m sure I remember a dimple on your face am I right?

  2. Ps. Jean-Peter, S.Th. Says:

    What a really God-blessed family you have there…It makes me wanted to get marry with Melly as soon as we are ready to fund our marriage….hahahaaa…I love you all…

    In Christ,