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Chance to vote for Chris Sligh… again!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

This looks like a blast from the past, but just yesterday I got this from Chris Sligh…  Check it out and vote, vote, vote!
Hello Everyone,
I was lucky enough to be nominated for New Artist of the Year this year for the Dove Awards and this year they are doing something different…they are allowing the public to vote for my catagory!  So, please, one and all, take the time to vote once (or as many times as you possibly can, either way I’m thankful).
Voting happens over at  Please go there find the link to vote for the Dove Awards and vote for yours truly for New Artist of the Year.
thanks so much!
Chris Sligh
Congrats!  Chris…. Fro Patrol is on it!

Check out this youtube called “Validation”… excellent!

Friday, February 27th, 2009


Haven’t learned how to embed yet… click on the link and get ready to smile, laugh and cry… it’s a goody!

American Idol Predictions

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I love predicting outcomes and this is something American Idol gives me the opportunity to do every week.  There are three websites that I always look at for fun that have been extremely accurate especially “The Zaba”as I like to call it:

Check it out -American Idol Voting Results – Season 7

When it gets to the final 12 they have been spot on in past years.  Last year before we left for the Finale… we checked “The Zaba” and they had posted it exactly the way it is today, check it out.  We knew that David Cook had won hours before the Finale.  Don’t ask me how they know, but they seem to know.    

While Syesha’s parents were living with us last year… I would quietly check “The Zaba” every Wednesday morning.  Zelda Mercado, Syesha’s mom would fast, pray and sing worship songs all day long on Tuesday.  It was amazing… Syesha was in the bottom 2 every week, but the prayers of her Mama were a powerful and mighty tool.  It was a little weird when the Wednesday I checked “The Zaba” and Syesha’s picture had become black and white and the words “Voted Off” were across her picture, it was surreal, knowing “The Zaba” is never wrong and that she was probably going home.  Again they were right.  It helped me know how to pray that day!  Sitting next to Jason’s family the day “The Zaba” said he would be voted off, helped prepare all of us.

Will “The Zaba” ever be wrong… yet to see.

The second site is AOL, this is a little less accurate and you get to move people around like an American Idol game or Jigsaw Puzzle, but they give you the opportunity to pick and have an opinion in the comfort of your own home.  During this season they are letting you submit who you think will be in the top 3 each week.  Last week I put Danny, Alexis and Enoop and that is how most of America had voted, I felt good about myself, but it was wrong, but probably will prove to put Enoop in the Wild Card mix.  I do like the guy who made it in.  He seems like a great guy with a cute little family and I like his voice.  So this week I put Adam, Allison and Nick (gotta hear that guy again…such a crack up) and he is on Vote For The Worst…America has picked Adam, Allison and Megan.  So even though AOL is not as accurate and you can vote as many times as you like they still seem to get it right most of the time and it’s fun to play.  So play at:  American Idol Poll – AOL Television

The third site is Vote for the Worst  This has become quite a phenomena of bad taste, but does have a huge following and has seemed to have made a difference in the past. Remember Sanjaya he was on it for weeks, even Taylor Hicks was their pick all the way to the end.  It’s kind of become a badge of honor actually.  

My closest and longest friend Leslie Doud lives in Arizona and gets the New York feed and I love her for that.  So the days I have not been at the show she calls me with results so I know three hours before we get it here in CA.  I have found “others” do not want to know and get very irritated if I even give a hint.  I’m finding, this is my joy and that very few others like to know ahead of time.  So if your like me and want to know or play the game I have given you the tools.  Have fun!

Happy Birthday Jamar Rogers!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

First AI Assignment has arrived via a beautiful phone call from Jamar Rogers Mom Danielle Rogers.  She is an amazing Godly woman who raised an amazing Godly son.  Her wish was for Jamar, who is now living in Los Angeles, to come home to Wisconsin for his 27th Birthday.  Done deal!  His church family and friends have not seen him since his disappointment of not making the final 36 and they are so excited to see him and give him a big hug!  Many B-Day Parties are planned around town, so get ready Jamar for a fantastic greeting.  What a joy and privilege it is to be a part of of seeing a huge family reunion come together.  

Jamar will be back in town next week, working on a music release with Frankie, another top 50 contestant.  Next weekend Denny and I are going to go speed church hopping with him in hopes of finding a church family here in CA where he can be supported and feel right at home.  Have a safe trip Jamar…God bless you and your family!

My KA DNA Blog

Monday, February 23rd, 2009… check out our Ministry website.  

Contact me at

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future!  

I could never before reconcile having a blog that spoke of our Ministry, but still weaved in my own personal daily Kingdom Assignments… and finally I have reconciled it with this blog.  It’s my fingerprint, my DNA, my Kingdom Assignment DNA, My KA DNA.  It is what I am about. How I put God first in my life, for I am Second, He is first.  My life, my purpose is to give God glory!  I am “On Assignment” daily, many times a day and so are you.  You have your own personal KA DNA, different than mine.  It coincides perfectly with your life journey.  I love football, but I didn’t just love it one day.  It came about after my Brother was killed by a drunk driver and I tried to comfort my Dad by becoming interested in boy things, giving me the opportunity to hang with my Dad.  And slowly, but surely I became to love the rules of football.  So when you see my Fantasy Football trophy at the bottom of this page you will understand why that is a big deal to me.  We all have unique callings.  As believers they are called Kingdom Assignments…on earth as it is in Heaven.  Everything I do is ministry minded.  It may be frivolous to some, but in my heart it is all to be salt and light, where God plants me, to a world with great need.  A world that needs the salve that only Jesus can give. The fruits of the Spirit… Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control.  I am about to celebrate my 54th Birthday and this life has been such a grand journey of joy and pain, no different than anyone else.  Thankfully God is not done with me yet and He seems to continue to have surprises for me around every corner.  I thought my life was over and my dreams were goners when miraculously in 2006 God brought a ministry with the contestants of American Idol.  See our website for the details.  So every year… I repeat what I said the first year “Here I am Lord send me”.  I tell him I do not need to do this, but if it will bear fruit them I am “on it”, I will obey!  And poof I got my first assignment for the 2009 season this last Sunday… more to come on that.  Below is a pic of the AI site.  This is the one just for the contestants, but if you want to see the public one… go to:



AI Ministry


Monday, February 23rd, 2009

On Sunday, Shannon Gilbert came to church where Denny is now preaching at Coastline Church in Carlsbad.  Then lunch at the Broken Yoke with her younger sister Laurel.   Shannon is married to Jeff Gilbert who is on the road with the Band Kutless.  It was fun to see, for the first time, her cute apartment. Both her and Laurel are amazing dancers and instructors.  Shannon and Jeff will both be involved with the WELL DONE Awards… do I hear “drum solo”?  In July Shannon and Jeff got married and Denny served up the wedding vows :-)



WELL DONE Awards Luncheon

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Putting together the details of  the WELL DONE Awards takes a village.  Production, Marketing, taking care of the Talent and the Recipients, Red Carpet, Green Room, Meet and Greet, T-Shirts, Media, Our KA DNA Church Pastors coming from all over the world… lot’s to do.  These pics are from one of the many luncheons, where Chef Denny has served up amazing meals and exquisite desserts, that we are having to bring unity to our volunteer teams… you go girls!  



This group could change the world!



New KA Staff Member Lysa King serving up Chef Denny’s Gourmet Dessert.  Hand made Chocolate Sorbet, over a heart shaped brownie, drizzled in fresh Raspberry Sauce… Denny is the best husband! 

Goody bags for all that attended!



Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Birthday Dinner at EL CORTEZ in Laguna Niguel… a family favorite!

Son-In-Law Eric turned 30 yesterday 2-22-09… no say it isn’t so.  I will never forget that glorious day, 15 years ago, when he walked into our house.  Eric has been such a blessing to our family since that day.  He is the most amazing Husband to our Natalie and Father to Emily… more grandkids please!



Lunch at Chipotle with my girls…. Brookie, Talie, Little Em and Camy… Camy and Emily have matching dimples on the right side of their faces.  Such a bonding cousin thing!


Picking Caeden up at School… Camy is so proud of her big brother… hugs all around!



Monday, February 23rd, 2009

So I told you at the top that Football is one of my great loves. I taught and worked with Cheerleaders which was blast, but a definite perk for me was to be on the field during football games.  So after being in a Fantasy Football league for three years I begged and pleaded with my friend, NFL Football Player Jerry Wilkinson to allow me to be the first girl in his all male FF League.  My wish came true.  I think they thought I would not know what I was doing.  Well… bottom line is I kicked all their butts and won the league trophy and cash pot… niiiiiice.  My league name was Girls Rule… moniker  GR for GRrrrr…. I am plotting a KA handout with the hundred dollar bills…. what’s God gonna do with that money? Fun times.