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ON ASSIGNMENT is a 90-day exercise in “empowered philanthropy”. It is an opportunity for a business/ corporation to exponentially increase their organization’s charitable giving dollars and personal presence into the community through the compassionate and creative voluntary efforts of the company’s greatest asset...it’s employees!

What are the benefits of ON ASSIGNMENT for my company?
ON ASSIGNMENT affords benefits to and through your company on several fronts. First, it affords you the opportunity to drive corporate values, such as integrity, teamwork, service, and accountability to your employees with practical application. Second, it builds morale and pride of organization throughout the rank and file of the company. Third, it provides the community with increasing charitable resources delivered personally through the efforts of your employees. In short, it is a WIN...WIN...WIN opportunity!

How does ON ASSIGNMENT work?
An ON ASSIGNMENT representative will work individually with your company’s designated project leader or executive team to custom design your OA project and launch around specific goals and values of your choosing, as well as the amount of corporate funds you choose to initially invest in and through your employees. This customized plan will also include determining with your team the most effective way to present and convey this voluntary project within your corporate culture.

Those employees who choose to participate do so under the following three conditions.

1. They must recognize this money does not belong to them, but rather to the company who has entrusted it to them and to whom they represent.

2. They must seek to multiply and creatively invest these funds in a way that promotes the philanthropic goals of the company or the needs of people/causes within the local community and beyond.

3. They must return in 90 days and give an account of what happened to the money.

How much does ON ASSIGNMENT cost?
Our intent is that ON ASSIGNMENT be considered a slice of your company's Philanthropic portfolio. The financial cost of an OA project is determined by the amount the company or employer wishes to invest in each participating employee (recommended $50-$100 each) along with a mutually agreed upon management fee that together create a tax deductible donation to OA’s parent (Kingdom Assignment, Inc. ), a 510c3 approved nonprofit organization.

How much time will this take away from my employees work time?
ON ASSIGNMENT is designed to be a volunteer project implemented outside of company time over a 90-day period so as not to be an undue pressure upon participating individuals or the work of the company.

What can I expect in the way of results from an ON ASSIGNMENT project?
Conservatively, you can expect participants to increase your company’s initial financial investment
2-5 times, or more, in expressions of increased or matching funds, good works, and good will toward people and worthwhile causes in the community.

How will the project results be accounted for?
At the close of your company’s ON ASSIGNMENT project, each of the participants or teams will be personally interviewed by an OA representative for a full account of their experience and results. A cumulative STOCK HOLDERS REPORT will then be presented to the President or Executive Team of the company to reveal the final outcome of the initial investment.

ON ASSIGNMENT is a subdivision of Kingdom Assignment, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization approved by the IRS.

“It has only been 4 weeks since we launched the On Assignment project at Omni Duct but I have been amazed at the results so far... The level of excitement among the teams is incredible. A great byproduct of the On Assignment has been a huge increase in employee moral and teamwork. They are coming closer together, getting to know each other as individuals, people, friends, parents and spouses, no just coworker.... They are even getting our customers and vendors involved in the Assignment. I could not be more pleased with the process”
Bob Brumleu, President - Omni-Duct Systems

Contact Info
Denny Bellesi, President
ON ASSIGNMENT/Kingdom Assignment, Inc.
Email: denny@kingdomassignment.org


news header

Colossians 3:15

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful."

Scripture reminds us to be thankful for those who have been such a blessing in our lives.

During this Thanksgiving we are grateful to God for Him bringing us the blessing of you. May God richly bless your family during these Holydays!

- Denny and Leesa Bellesi -

















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