Welcome - You've made it to the top 36, Congratulations! I'm sure this is one of the most exciting times for you and your family. Having been in relationship with a few of the previous Top 36 we came to find that even though this time is exciting it can take a toll on finances, marriages, family and friendships. This site is here for you. You will not be expected to give anything back. If someone helps you or a family member it will be only out of their commitment to the joy of serving others and not out of any expectation to ie. receive tickets, autographs or friendship. I am well aware that you barely get enough tickets to fill the needs of your families and that this becomes a pressure. None of these expectations will be put on you.

No matter what happens... you will always be a daughter, son, brother, sister, friend. Maintaining those relationships during this fun, but stressful time and keeping a balance, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is what we are here to help you with while most of you are far away from your home town.

I have a attached a few articles on this website to help you get aquatinted with Denny and myself. There is a safe way for you to contact us through this AI Ministry Resource site. I will reply to you personally and will not share your email addresses or personal information with anyone without your permission. If you are in need of, let's say, a car to help your Mom and/or Dad get around while they are here visiting, just let us know your need and once I have your permission I will connect you or your family member to the appropriate person to meet that need. Tell us the need and we will find the right person to fill that need. Denny and I have been in ministry for 35 years being a part of several service oriented churches in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and San Diego Counties, giving us a good base of kind and honest people with resources for us to draw from.

We are working in accordance with "Hollywood Prayer Network". HPN has been serving people in every aspect of the Entertainment Industry for over 25 years by praying for and caring for their needs.

Click here to contact us. We look forward to serving you as you pursue your dreams.

God's richest blessings - Leesa and Denny Bellesi

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